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Have Antibiotic Got Department Of Gynaecology Disease?
- Aug 29, 2018 -

These days, Ms. Huang was really ill and had a cold and fever for several days. She was still not completely well. However, a new problem came.

Recently, ms huang came to the hospital for treatment, after careful inquiry and examination, doctors found that it was because of the cold overdose of antibiotics led to the occurrence of mold vaginitis. But ms huang always is puzzled, oneself always pays attention to the sanitation of illicit place very clean, had never had this kind of phenomenon before, how can because of cold take antibiotic drug, got vaginitis suddenly? Doctors told ms wong that vaginitis is not caused entirely by poor personal hygiene, and that excessive use of antibiotics can also cause pudendal inflammation.

In fact, one of the side effects of antibiotics is to upset the balance of the bacterial community in the body. A study in the United States found that nearly half of women who used a powerful antibiotic for more than a week had fungal infections. In fact, the vagina of healthy women already has the ability of self-cleaning, there is a kind of beneficial lactobacillus in the vagina, can always maintain the environment in the vagina acidic, so, the habit grows in the alkaline environment mold, under normal circumstances, can not survive here. However, long-term use of antibiotics will inhibit the lactobacillus in the vagina, lose the antagonism to the mold, disturb the natural ecological balance of the vagina and change the microenvironment of the vagina, thus causing the rapid reproduction of pathogenic bacterial pathogens and causing local mold vaginitis. At present, some women are superstitious about the import of antibiotics and take them blindly at the first sign of discomfort, causing serious fungal and fungal infections.

So suggest female friend, must avoid the long period that kang biologic, use antibiotic in great quantities, wide spectrum antibiotic should use less more, if must use antibiotic, suggest to use continuously should not exceed a week.

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