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He Harm Of Holding Back Your Urine
- Sep 30, 2018 -

In daily life, a lot of people can have the habit that holds back piss, especially winter when, lie on the bed, do not hurry to do not have a bed to certain level, what does so hold back piss harm have? What does the harm that holds back piss to the body have? Below everybody follows small make up to see the disadvantage of hold back piss!

If you hold back your urine, be careful of the rapid growth of bladder bacteria

Dysuria causes the uterus to become compressed

The problems of women with genital-adjacent bladder are quite many, and the most serious one is the infertility that plagues many women. This is also associated with long-term dysuria. The female internal reproductive organs and bladder are located in the pelvic cavity, and the uterus is behind the bladder, and the relationship is quite close.

The uterus is often squeezed to fill the bladder with urine, while the swollen bladder will push the uterus back and tilt it back, so it often causes the uterus to tilt backward and difficult to return to its position. Once the uterus is severely compressed by the bladder, it will obstruct menstrual blood flow and may cause severe menstrual pain symptoms.

Nerve block

The uterine body that is often oppressed, if push again to relevant nerve plexus, can cause the pain feeling of the area around the waist, the condition will be serious and may cause the problem of infertility.

When the temperature is high, people will drink a lot of water, so there is a more frequent desire to urinate. However, many working women, because of their work, resist the urge to urinate and wait a long time to be liberated. However, this is quite wrong.

A gentle reminder: when taking a break to urinate, it is also an opportunity to relax your eyes and relax your muscles and bones so as to improve your performance.

After the urine that is held for a period of time is eliminated, besides must be emptied as soon as possible, the best way is to refill more water, force oneself to urinate a few more times, this has irrigating effect to the bladder, can avoid the bacterium inside bladder hyperplasia.

5 disadvantages of holding back your urine

1. Urinary incontinence

Special structure of female body, sphincter is the important control muscle that controls the urine to enter urethra in bladder, female unlike male has inside and outside two sphincter, rely on a single sphincter to hold back piss, often hold back piss may cause sphincter weakness. If you hold back your urine for a long time, the sphincter will become tired and weak, leading to urinary incontinence.

2. Posterocline

Because female internal reproductive organs and bladder "live together" in pelvic cavity, the relation is "close", uterus is located behind bladder, hold back piss makes bladder filling, filling bladder can press uterus, make uterus backward inclined.

3, dysmenorrhea,

If often holds back the urine, the uterus tilts back then is difficult to restore, when the bladder presses the uterus seriously, can obstruct the menstrual blood to flow out, can cause the serious dysmenorrhea symptom.

4, low back pain

The compressed uterine body can cause lumbosacral pain if it "squeezes" into the nerve plexus in front of the sacrum.

5, infertility

The uterus leans back when holding back urine. When the pressure reaches a certain point, it will impede the outflow of menstrual blood. People with minor dysmenorrhea may cause pain.

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