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Here's A Picture Of Your Cold Without Antibiotics
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Yourself sick stress, more nervous child is ill, a lot of time watching the doctor more tense, result eat more injected a lot of medicine, is one of the most unnecessary antibiotics, because antibiotics are useless disease caused by viral infection, it happened that people is the most common diseases of viral diseases.

How to distinguish viral infection from bacterial infection? From the symptom is not very easy, can be used deduction, the following table lists several common viral disease, including the common cold, flu and other common infectious diseases, for these diseases, antibiotic is invalid.

The table from the CDC found in a project called GetSmart, the purpose of this project is to make people on the abuse of antibiotics become smarter, because a lot of doctors abuse of antibiotics, the consequence is very serious.

In China, there are also more traditional Chinese medicine injection, the day before yesterday I heard of a combination of xiyan ping hormone use, today I heard a joint use of yan huning and hormone use, why can't we do without hormones? Because the traditional Chinese medicine injection is sensitive to allergy, hormones inhibit allergy. What is this combination called? It is called Chinese medicine for western use, and the compatibility theory of Chinese medicine is applied to western medicine. Za regardless of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) injection has no purpose, and hormones are used together, explain the remedy to the case that Chinese medicine injection may cause more severe allergic, could not use, the results with several drugs.

See here, everybody knows what "cure not ill"? There was no illness. I'll cure you.

Diseases such as the common cold are self-healing diseases that have not yet been effectively cured, no matter whether they have fever, cough, or sore throat. For example, you have been coughing for a week, how old is it? Go to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, the experienced old Chinese medicine doctor will tell you, take more than ten of my medicine accurate good, as expected good, you are especially happy? Look at the following picture.

Not all upper respiratory infections have a fever, and even a fever can heal in a week or so, with a higher proportion of laryngitis, but also in a week or so. But cough and runny nose are high, and they last a long time.

But that doesn't mean you two or three weeks can produce big defect on cough, cough is not a disease, just symptoms, is also the body of the pathogen discharged means, such as viral infection disappeared, naturally don't cough, and fever, cough is uncontrolled, can only slightly reduce, even is basically the placebo effect.

"GetSmart" means to have some basic knowledge. Don't underestimate it. Many doctors don't. Have the basic common sense, can be less tension, eat less wrong medicine, less risk especially Chinese medicine side effects, you and your child's body will become resistance ability of infectious diseases.

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