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How About Long-term Probiotics
- Jul 08, 2018 -

Eating probiotics is not the same as drinking yogurt

The reason why some parents feel that probiotics can use for a long time, primarily think to add probiotics in milk, does milk "yogurt", yogurt can eat for a long time, so probiotics is also no problem.

In fact, yoghurt and probiotics are definitely not the same, and the probiotics prescribed in hospitals are generally drugs, while yoghurt is food. Compared to the yogurt, probiotic bacteria species, or bacteria content is is completely different, such as common mammy love (living bacterium bacillus subtilis 2 al particles) was mostly enterococcus and bacillus subtilis, and yogurt are the main species of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium, and some cheese with specific strains, such as lactobacillus and medicinal probiotic yogurt bacteria content in general is far less than levels.

Take probiotics according to the doctor's advice and replace them properly

Normally, our environment is full of all kinds of good bacteria and bad bacteria, and so is the baby's body.

When children gastrointestinal function problems, usually cause intestinal flora imbalance, such as good bacteria, harmful bacteria increased, this time added probiotics, equivalent to supplement normal physiological flora directly, inhibit bacteria, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, inhibit enterogenous endotoxin production and absorption, to achieve the purpose of adjusting intestinal dysbacteriosis.

Under normal circumstances, however, all kinds of bacteria in the body, including in the intestinal tract is in dynamic equilibrium, which is often said that the "flora balance", is not to say that you ate a lot of probiotics, can completely resist the harmful bacteria, is likely to lead to a drop in other bacteria, which produce the dysbacteriosis, the body can be a problem. We can even think of this "flora balance" as the ecological balance of nature, where a large increase in the value of any species can affect the entire ecosystem.

Therefore, the best way to supplement probiotics is to follow the doctor's instructions and use drugs under the guidance of the specialist doctors.

Probiotics currently on the market a lot, each of which is the combination of different probiotics, due to certain bacteria too much or too little can health adverse to the body, so if some children really need to add probiotics for a long time, it will have to pay attention to not have a long term, needs to be changed under the guidance of reasonable

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