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How Can Women Protect Their Private Health?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Unlike male strength, women are a vulnerable group, both physically and internally, and their vaginas are more vulnerable, especially after sex. If she is not careful to protect her, it is easy to cause the sexual quality of the decline in women's own sexual dysfunction and disease potential. So how do women protect their privacy?

Keep your genitals dry

A warm, moist environment is a hotbed of bacteria, so women must keep their private areas dry and breathable. Wear cotton panties. Cotton panties are the best for the vagina. When the house is at home, might as well only wear pants not to wear underwear, such conducive to private place breathable. In addition, do not wear tight pants, too tight pants are not conducive to ventilation in the private parts, and it is easy to make the private parts too hot.

Protect her during sex

Some details should also be paid attention to in order to protect the health of the private parts. Wear a condom when you have sex. Not only are condoms designed to protect against STDS and unwanted pregnancies, but they also keep the vaginal PH as it is, helping some good bacteria (such as lactic acid bacteria) to survive. Don't underestimate these beneficial bacteria, which can prevent vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginitis. Make sure the female private parts are moist enough, just begin to have sex, when female secretion is insufficient, might as well use human lubricating fluid.

Exercise your vagina to make it tighter

Practice contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. This strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and is important for women to achieve stronger, more engaging orgasms. Women's orgasms during sex are good for both physical and mental health. Sexual health consultation and treatment for the public

Avoid injuries while exercising

Women should be careful when riding. If a woman loves the sport, she is at increased risk of numbness, pain and tingling in her genitals while cycling. Therefore, when cycling, you should wear thick shorts and adjust your posture to protect your private parts from pain.

Gynaecological testing is important

Women, especially those who have sex, must insist on gynecological examination. At least once a year. In addition to routine checkups, this is an opportunity to talk to your doctor about contraception and other sex problems.

Eat yogurt regularly

Regular yoghurt is good for vaginal health. Women often drink yoghurt containing active bacteria, can help vagina beneficial bacteria to multiply, can prevent vaginal yeast infection further. However, be careful not to drink high - sugar yogurt, because this can lead to more vaginal yeast infection.

Healthy cleaning

Learn to clean. The skin around female vagina is very delicate and sensitive, and soap can make the skin of illicit place hair is dry, need only use lukewarm water to wash actually can keep vagina clean. If you don't feel clean, use non-irritating soap.

Vaginal cleaning should be appropriate

Unless there is inflammation, under the guidance of the doctor vaginal flushing, or to the vagina rinsing say no! The vagina has the function of self-cleaning. Cleaning the vagina with an insertion cleanser increases the risk of vaginal infections, pelvic inflammation and sexually transmitted diseases.

Women's vagina is the main place to sexual activities, the stand or fall of vaginal sex has a close relationship with the quality of high and low, only good protection for the vagina can make vagina "better", avoid dry, loose, etc.

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