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How Do Probiotics Change The Vaginal Environment?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The medical community has gradually found that the supplement of probiotics containing lactobacillus can effectively treat various types of vaginitis, which is a great boon to the female vaginal microecological balance. One billion women around the world suffer from vaginal infections, which have previously been treated with antibiotics, diazepam, estrogen and acidifying vaginal preparations. But these ways suppress the normal vaginal microbiome, leading to repeated infections and multiple infections.

Female vagina is a complex micro-ecosystem. In a healthy state, there are many kinds of microorganisms, among which lactobacillus is the dominant bacteria. The vaginal microecosystem is restricted, coordinated and dynamically balanced with the female's organism and environment. When this system is destroyed, various diseases caused by vaginal flora imbalance, such as bacterial vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, trichomoniasis, etc.

How can infection (such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and yeast infections) and inflammation (such as bacterial vaginitis) be prevented and treated?

Lactobacillus vaginalis reproduces in large Numbers in the vagina and maintains an acidic environment in the vagina by fermenting glycogen or glucose to produce lactic acid. Acidic vaginal environment inhibits the growth and reproduction of acid-free symbionts, pathogens of urinary and reproductive infections, and multisexually transmitted pathogens. Lactobacillus vaginalis can also produce antimicrobial substances such as hydrogen peroxide or bacteria.

In advocate healthy mother must natural childbirth, caesarean birth baby birth canal with beneficial bacteria because there is no contact, is not nearly as natural birth baby healthy at the same time, also want to know what is the baby body healthy vaginal flora micro ecological system to establish the key, there is no bacteria in the baby in the womb, when to delivery through the birth canal will remove all sorts of bacteria, so whether the vaginal flora healthy relationship to the health of the baby.

There are good bacteria in the vagina that I've been ignoring, and we've been saying that probiotics are regulating gut health. That's true, but vaginas are also huge micro-ecosystems. Some of you may be wondering, how does oral probiotics add to the vagina? This is also a concern of the editor, so a large amount of data has been reviewed. The clinical trials that prove that probiotics supplement contributes to vaginal health are all presented with experimental data, which has proved to be effective. However, there is no clear explanation on how to transfer to the vagina. Some materials say that it can be transferred from the rectum to the vagina naturally, while others say that the friction between the clothes will remove the beneficial bacteria from the rectum to the vagina. In fact, this is not unreasonable, because there are many harmful bacteria from the rectum directly into the vagina, affecting women's health. The biggest concern is the effectiveness of the results.

Vaginal bacteria supplements are the best option for any woman struggling with vaginal inflammation

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