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How Do You Eat Probiotics? What Should I Do?
- Sep 25, 2018 -

As the modern concept of parenting becomes more and more scientific, many mothers will learn to raise their children better. Many mothers now consider probiotics, which are used in health and food products, to be essential for parenting.

So, how do you eat probiotics? What should I do?

1. There are two types of probiotics commonly used in children of different ages for different types of probiotics: probiotics powder and probiotics infusion, both of which are imported active probiotics, of which probiotics powder is suitable for babies between 0 and 7 years old, while probiotics powder is suitable for babies of all ages.

2. How to eat probiotics? The dosage of probiotics is usually two times a day, one bag at a time. Therefore, it is recommended to have it every morning on an empty stomach and before dinner. The baby can be fed directly with warm water, or added to milk powder, rice paste or other complementary food. To ensure the activity of probiotics, the water temperature of brewing probiotics is controlled below 40 degrees.

3. How to eat probiotics and when the most needed probiotics are the health products and foods, which can be taken for a long time. However, there are several nodes, and the baby especially needs probiotics to improve the baby's immunity:

(1) 6-month weaning period: 6-month weaning period is an immunological fault period for every baby. After gradually weaning, the baby loses its natural source of immune antibodies, but its own immune system is not perfect, and it is especially vulnerable to illness.

(2) seasonal change: the development of the baby's body temperature regulating center and blood circulation system is not yet perfect, and the rapid changes in the body and the outside world cannot be regulated in time. Therefore, factors such as temperature difference and climate change will come to challenge the baby's resistance, such as the alternation of spring and summer, summer and autumn.

(3) admission period: entering the kindergarten is the first time for a baby to leave his parents' arms. He began to learn to be independent, and needed to adapt to the new environment. As his living circle expanded, more people came into contact with him.

(4) taking antibiotics: antibiotics are what we call "anti-inflammatories". China is a big country of antibiotics, and babies have a lot of opportunities to be exposed to antibiotics. Antibiotics cannot identify harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria, and good bacteria and bad bacteria can be killed together. After use, antibiotics will cause "imbalance of bacteria flora" in human body. How do you eat probiotics? Probiotics must be promptly replenished with antibiotics. It should be noted that probiotics should not be taken with antibiotics and should be taken at intervals of 2-4 hours.

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