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How Does Female Swim Prevent Inflammation Of Department Of Gynaecology
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Swimming is a great way to beat the summer heat, but women need to pay special attention. They should be selected as the right time to prevent the spread of gynecological diseases. In particular, in public swimming pools to pay attention to cleaning and their health maintenance to prevent the spread of bacteria through the pool water, showing infection.

In terms of the physiological characteristics of women, their vagina is connected to the outside world, which provides the condition for bacterial infection. Not only should you not swim when you have symptoms of infection, but you should also pay special attention when swimming in the water, otherwise it will be easy to infect the vagina and cause inflammation.

Originally, about the woman for, if the woman is in menstruation or presented gynaecological inflammation, be being treated especially period, also be affirmation cannot enter the water.

Although do not have apparent infection sign, but if the body presents a few circumstance of inflammation of department of gynaecology earlier, if secretion is increased, or be being in inflammation cure period, also cannot swim water, be infected easily by the bacterium in water otherwise, aggravate ill condition.

The dressing room of communal swim pool is communal commonly, resemble stool, closestool, store content ark, unavoidable get on bacterium. Therefore, when changing clothes, women should try not to let the skin touch the stool directly, and the clothes should be packed with clean bags. The underwear is packed in the coat. Also do not sit at random on the ground that swim pool edge or platform go up, the ground of pool edge is often trample by everybody barefoot come, the fungus on the foot also soaks on the ground accordingly, if sit at will again above, easy cause fungal vaginitis.

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