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How Does Pregnant Mother Prevent Vaginitis
- Jul 15, 2018 -

How should pregnant women prevent vaginitis? During pregnancy, this should be a moment of happiness, a woman's life gestates the birth of a life, but also because in such a special period, due to the change of hormone levels, can lead to a lot of pregnant mothers suffer from vaginitis, should therefore usually want to know more about vaginitis of prevention, how to take preventive measures, the following article to give you details!

First of all, according to experts on women in preparing the baby before, it should be to ensure that their once vaginitis is cured, a lot of people before have vaginitis, symptoms disappeared after treatment, the thought is recovered, vaginitis is easy to break out repeatedly, do after treatment of gynecological examination and laboratory vaginal discharge, if no abnormalities, explain the recent cured.

In addition, every month after the clinical treatment is achieved, and after menstruation is clean, there will be further reexamination. If it is negative for 3 consecutive months, it will be completely cured. You don't start thinking about pregnancy until the inflammation is complete. If the inflammation itself is not cured, then pregnancy not only increases the difficulty of treating inflammation during pregnancy, but also threatens the safety of the fetus.

How do you prevent vaginitis during pregnancy?

1. Try to keep the vulva clean and dry during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women generally vulva hyperemia, vaginitis secretion will also rise, will make the vagina in a hot and dry environment, the environment is a hotbed of mould to multiply. In order to keep the vulva dry and clean, it is recommended to clean the vulva with clean water every morning and evening, or add a little cleaning in the clear water to clean it.

2. Do not rinse the vagina with some special lotion

A lot of women in the usual life often can use some special lotion to clean the vagina, that this is a very common mistake, will destroy the vaginal acid-base balance, causing bacteria. In the day, can consider to use the cushion with good air permeability, change frequently, keep vulva dry. On wearing, should choose wide and comfortable pants, maintain breathable, do not cover.

Eat right

Pregnant women in the daily diet life, for spicy excitant food to say no, spicy food much eat hot easily, make internal toxic heat wenjie, symptoms such as Yin Yang before and after the pain, cause mould sex vaginitis. Mold likes sweet environment, if often eats sugar, can cause mold to grow and breed in the environment with high glycogen, and cause mycotic vaginitis.

4. Timely supplement probiotics

The female reproductive system is a balanced environment of micro-ecological flora, and probiotics play a dominant role in preventing the invasion of pathogenic bacteria in the vagina. The main cause of vaginitis is caused as a result of the unbalance of microbial flora, due to the body during pregnancy in women with poor immunity, reduce bacteria within the vagina, allowing the abandonment of opportunity, so that pregnant women suffering from vaginitis. Timely replenishing the vagina with beneficial bacteria can improve the immunity of the vagina, restore the self-cleaning function of the reproductive system, and better resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

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