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How Does Summer Prevent Summer Heat Stroke Common Sense Prevent Summer Heat Stroke
- Jul 11, 2018 -

It's summer, and it's the season of heat stroke. Today we're going to show you how to beat the heat.

Summer heat prevention tips

1. Replenish water timely but drink less beverage. Fruit juice, cola, Sprite, soda and other beverages contain more saccharin and electrolytes. Drinking too much will cause adverse stimulation to the stomach and intestines and affect digestion and appetite. Therefore, summer should drink more water or salt (sugar) water.

Don't drink too much when you are thirsty. Labor and movement after sweating a lot, should not be a large number of drinking water, should be appropriately added some light salt water (sugar), raise the body after salt loss because of profuse sweating too much, if not timely added salt, makes the body water and salt proportion serious imbalance, lead to metabolic disorders.

Three, is the most intense time solar shortwave radiation at 10-15 PM, should try to avoid this period of time to go out, must go out, should put some sunscreen on the skin protect skin to taste, with light color had better summer clothes.

4. Do not drink too much. The human body is affected by the temperature in summer and tends to accumulate humidity and heat. Excessive humidity and heat are also the causes of skin ulcers and swelling and toxin. If a lot of alcohol is drunk, it will help heat to get wet, which is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire. Cause the body after waking up uncomfortable and more sleepy.

The diet should not be too light. The activity time of summer person is long perspire much, consume big, should eat chicken, duck, lean meat, fish to wait for nutritive food appropriately, in order to satisfy the metabolic need of human body.

The nap time should not be long. After a long nap, the central nervous system will deepen its inhibition, and relatively less blood flow in the brain will slow down the metabolic process, leading to more discomfort and drowsiness after waking up.

Avoid "rapid cooling" after being heated. Hot summer, people go out or labor return, love is not a full electric fans, is to wash the cold bath immediately, this will make the whole body pore closure quickly, instead of the quantity of heat inside body is hard to send out, also caused by shrinking brain blood vessels supplying the lack, make people dizzy.

8. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference of air conditioning should not be too large. Use air conditioning indoor and outdoor temperature difference does not exceed 5 degrees is advisable, make weather hot again already, air conditioning indoor temperature is unfavorable also below 24 degrees.

Don't wear metal jewelry. Some metals in metallic adornment are stained with sweat, when wearing, the skin that is touched may appear slight red or pruritus and so on symptom, cause contact sex dermatitis easily.

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