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How To Choose Good Probiotics?
- Sep 11, 2018 -


With all kinds of probiotic products on the market today, there are growing questions about how best to buy them.

The best probiotics, Dr. David says, are natural, digestive probiotics like yogurt and sauerkraut, which are added to your diet. But if you don't normally eat these foods, or don't like the taste, the best option is to supplement your body with probiotics.

Dr. David, who has written a book on probiotics and healthy eating through 20 years of research, says the number of probiotics is a standard for the selection of probiotics. However, most businesses will claim that they have the most probiotics in their homes. For customers, they should choose the probiotics that are suitable for them.

Different probiotics do different things, some gastrointestinal and some reproductive probiotics. You should choose the right probiotics according to your needs.

Probiotics need to be kept in cold storage and become inactivated when exposed to water. When buying probiotics, especially dairy products such as yogurt, consumers need to check the yogurt instructions and storage address. There are also some probiotics of dry powder on the market. Most of these probiotics use active freeze-drying technology, and their shelf life is longer than that of dairy products.

When buying probiotics, Dr. David recommends looking at the product manual, carefully identifying the type and amount of probiotics in the product and buying them as needed.

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