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How To Select Probiotics For Pregnant And Pregnant Women 修改翻译结果
- Aug 27, 2018 -

In 1892, German ob-gyn doctor Doderlein found that vaginal lactobacillus was beneficial to the host when he was studying vagina. However, the research on the vaginal microflora was slow because the main object of study was pregnant women at that time. In the 1960s, the study on the vaginal microflora of women with normal reproductive age was widely carried out. Till 1972, lactobacillus was first identified as the dominant bacteria in the vagina of women with reproductive age, with the number of bacteria being 107-108cfu /ml, and different species of microflora were also different.

As scientific theory continues to prove, the health benefits of vaginal probiotics for women are widely recognized, but how should expectant mothers choose probiotics for pregnancy and pregnancy?

The viable count is key

The efficacy of probiotics depends on the activity of the strain, and only living probiotics can play a role. The probiotics on the market with the number of live bacteria ranging from 300,000 to 30 billion vary, and the number of live bacteria affects the efficacy, but the higher the quantity, the better.

Note the number of probiotics

Some manufacturers only tell the weight of the product without specifying the number of bacteria it contains. Don't be confused by this information, because weight is independent of the number of bacteria. The number of probiotics is cfu/g.

Store at room temperature under seal

Probiotics products should be stored instructions, because probiotics are mostly anaerobic bacteria, not resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, and extremely sensitive to the external environment. General products require cold storage, but in the process of processing, transportation, storage process easily lost, lost function. However, the quality probiotics can be preserved at room temperature without affecting the original effect.

Independent product packaging

As the living conditions of probiotics are relatively harsh, it is necessary to choose the sealed package that is strictly separated from water and oxygen to ensure the activity and effectiveness of probiotics.

Targeted choices

Different strains, different proportions of strains, may have entirely different effects. Therefore, probiotic products should also be selected according to different functional requirements.

Product formulations

At present, the commonly used probiotics products in the market include powder, infusion, capsule, etc., and the absorption rate, effect, applicable population and convenience are different for probiotics products of different dosage.

Regular manufacturers

The product package should have the manufacturer's relevant information and contact information, as well as the valid product batch number and code. Product name shall be registered with the national trademark office (registered with the R or TM mark).

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