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HUIMEIREN Company's Third Stage Training Course Was Opened In Shenyang
- Nov 09, 2016 -

On October 9th, 2016, in order to let the enterprise quickly adapt to the electronic commerce network marketing, increase network sales, HUIMEIREN organized "enterprise management system construction of electronic commerce practical module" in the third phase of training courses.

The training invited Su Handong as the training lecturer. Cui Taixing, company general manager, deputy general manager zhou Da, and 20 business backbones from different departments of the company attended the training.


The e-commerce real module courses focused on e-commerce marketing strategy and techniques, concreted electric business team building, product positioning and channel design, network promotion, network marketing, customer service, operation and management, Su Handong told us a large number of real cases,  suggestions and schemes to solve practical problems, he is well received by students.

This training is an very important activity for HUIMEIREN to upgrade and develop enterprise.


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