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Huimeiren Is Leading The New Era Of Micro-ecology
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Shenyang Huimeiren Biological Products Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise of leading “The new era of micro-ecology”, owns international leading and crucial technique of “Balancing human micro-ecology”, is a leading company of the application and R&D area of functional probiotics. We devote ourselves to do that “Treating bacteria by bacteria, solves human medical ecological disasters from the root”.

In the face of the truth that “Antibiotic resistance” has already threatened global stabilization and national security, people urgently realize that currently it should take some actions to stop this future disaster, but don’t know what to do and how to do. In the mean time, Huimeiren CEO and the leader of R&D team Mr. Cui Taixing innovatively put forward that “The main reason of traditional human medical ecological disaster is antibiotics”; sharply pointed out that “Antibiotic resistance” is the inevitable outcome of this human medical ecological disaster; put forward the innovative guiding ideology and research direction that the ecological disaster must be solved by ecological method; issued the achievable and micro-ecological new type product [Freeze-drying active probiotics factor] which can solve human ecological disaster and Huimeiren becomes a key and high-profile enterprise among all industry.

Based on the outstanding contribution what Mr. Cui did for China Women and Children Health Field, in 2012 the “China Women and Children Health Conference” awarded Huimeiren CEO Mr. Cui as “Top ten leading figures of National Women and Children Health Profession”.  

Cui’s Empty City Theory

Huimeiren Biological Products, “Restoring the balanced micro-ecological bacterial flora of the genital tract as the criterion of cure of gynecology”.

According to the international authorities researches show that, if the micro-ecology of the genital tract doesn’t restore to normal status, in this case even other body indexes restore to normal status, but the recurrence rate of gynecological diseases  still can reach up to 60%, mostly will be cervicitis, cervical erosion, annexitis, pelvic inflammation, cervical cancer, breast cancer and other ascending infections.

Huimeiren [Freeze-drying active probiotics factor] Products are the only one that advocates “Restoring the balanced micro-ecological bacterial flora of the genital tract as the criterion of cure of gynecology”. The process of vaginal beneficial bacteria content going down, means the process of occurring gynecological inflammations!  The process of vaginal beneficial bacteria content going up, means the process of curing gynecological inflammations!

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