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HUIMEIREN’s New Facebook Concentrating On Helping People Regarding Yeast Infection Is Online
- Jul 18, 2018 -

HUIMEIREN’s new Facebook (sitianxia2014@163.com) concentrating on helping people regarding yeast infection is online


What is a yeast infection? What is yeast infection symptoms? Is what I’m having is a vaginal yeast infection? Yeast infection has what causes? Home remedies for yeast infection? What is the signs of yeast infection, what is a yeast infection, what is the yeast infection symptoms in women?


To answer various of questions people have regarding yeast infection, and help them to deal with the issue, HUIMEIREN assign the task of writing article about yeast infection and answering questions to staffs who are most professional in the field.


Justin, one of them, told us:

Some women from Africa don’t have access to consulting a doctor, they totally have no idea what they are having, they might feel itching, burning, or pain, someone might have abnormal discharge, when they telling us they such kind of vaginal yeast infection symptoms, we will tell them they are having yeast infection.



Leyn, another member of the team express his worrying about those African women who have a yeast infection:


Our product cannot be sent to Africa for the poor local logistical system, only antibiotics, and traditional medicine is available there, we don’t recommend it, all we can do now are teaching them some home remedies for yeast infection which don’t have a negative effect to their body.  But not effective enough to get them out of pain.


To help African women have a yeast infection and another feminine disease, HUIMEIREN will continue to increase local business partner:


The manager told us:


The market for probiotics in Africa is not so big as that in Europe and America, or China and Japan, but women there without access to doctor’s professional medical care need our product more than those in developed countries, even we are not likely to make big profit there, but it’s our responsibility to do it!

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