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HUIMEIREN To Develop Online Sale In Europe
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The representative of HUIMEIREN is negotiating with its business partner from Netherlands and Germany, aiming to develop European market together. In the negotiation, both sides agreed to construct online sale in Europe.

“We are going to put HUIMEIREN’s product on several online stores we cooperate with, once our online store got orders for this product, HUIMEIREN will deliver it from China to the buyer”

Said Martin, a German merchant.

“The needs for probiotics products in European countries, especially in western Europe is increasing quickly recently, the concept of treating the digestive disorder, yeast infection and fungus is more and more common, We know Huimeiren has concentrated in probiotics for 20 years, we know they won’ t let European customers down”

Mubash, a chief of an online pharmacy store in Dutch. 

HUIMEIREN representative for foreign customers- Justin, is very confident of the plan:”

“We are the most professional probiotics manufacturer and research department, our research center has developed the most advanced technology for protecting the life of probiotics,

And the 20 years of history enable us to develop our product with lower cost compared to those just entering the industry.”

We are able to bring European buyer top class of healthy, and we bring our business partner profit!

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