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HUIMEIREN To Expand Its Business In Africa Aiming To Supply Woman Care Feminine Probiotic To Local Women
- Aug 07, 2018 -

HUIMEIRENs manager of foreign career told us recently, HUIMEIREN will invest more in its business in Africa.

In an interview, the manager explained the reason why they do this:

Right now, our business in Africa is not so profitable as those in North America and Europe, Asia, But we found there are more women need our Woman Care Feminine Probiotic for there are not effective local medical service there.

Most women they don’t have a doctor to consult when they have a yeast infection or other feminine issues, many of them contacted us and hope to buy our products, but our business can not cover them for now”

Fiona (Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat/Mobile: +8615941707759), HUIMEIRENs overseas sales representative told us.

Except for HMRPROTM Probiotic Feminine Supplement 8 Capsules NEW IN BOX, the best known and best-sold product of HUIMEIREN, there are also some other products including probiotic for vaginal discharge, Feminine Intimate Care, vaginal tightening capsule, Feminine vaginal shrink also favored by African women.

It will cost us more to construct our sale system in Africa, and the hope to earn it back is rare, but we believe its our responsibility to help them, we consider it as the value of our enterprise.

The chief of the company, Mr. Cui, said.


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