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HUIMEIREN To Participate The Biggest Exhibition In Western China As A Leading Probiotic Supplement Manufacturer In China
- Jul 24, 2018 -

The manager of the sales department of HUIMEIREN has announced it’s participation in the biggest exhibition in western China--Western China International Fair, which has attracted many Probiotic supplement manufacturers, especially Probiotic supplement manufacturers in China and Probiotic supplement manufacturers in Asia.

We believe it’s an important exhibition in the industry of probiotics, so we decide to accept the invitation and participate in the exhibition.

We have been concentrating on the industry for 20 years, and we are capable of providing almost all the product and service regarding the probiotic industry that wished to be available in the exhibition:

We have prepared a list of the product and service with which we are going to seek cooperation:

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HUIMEIREN’s team will also join the discussion of the development of feminine use probiotics:

LI: Our team member is preparing for the speech,we will share our opinion of feminine use probiotics and at some point, it is going to cover to is

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