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In Foreign Countries, Even Women Without Gynecological Inflammation Will Always Keep A Box Of Probiotics
- Jul 07, 2018 -

In foreign countries, women will always keep probiotics, even if there is no gynecological inflammation, will always keep a box of probiotics, to prevent inflammation recurrence and resist bacterial invasion. Science has shown that women who regularly supplement probiotics can balance the reproductive tract microbiota and cut off the source of infection.

Inflammation, the secret women can't tell

According to statistics, 1 billion women were plagued by vaginal and urethral discomfort, including white-collar workers over the age of 30, nearly 90% of people diagnosed with disease of department of gynaecology, child-bearing age women with reproductive tract infection was 61%, about 60% of the women every month need to use 2 ~ 3 days to treat genital tract infection.

From age 20, women spend six years of their lives treating gynecological inflammation. According to report on the state of the health of women in our country, our country women the incidence of common disease of department of gynaecology is as high as 90%, common reproductive tract infection women of childbearing age is as high as 95%, Chinese women's reproductive tract health level is much lower than the European and American developed country level. Common female reproductive tract infections include vaginal infection, bacterial vaginitis, candidiasis, urinary tract infection, etc. It is worth noting that less than 20 percent of women with bacterial vaginopathy have clinical symptoms, and most patients do not report symptoms.

More worryingly, women with severe bacterial vaginosis have a high recurrence rate after receiving antibiotics, eight times higher than women without the disease. This is largely because antibiotics, exterminate the cause infection of pathogenic bacteria, and kill the health promotion of beneficial bacteria, destroy the balance of the vaginal flora, and use of antibiotics can cause allergies and other adverse reactions.

Microecological environment of female vagina

Vaginal microecology is the most important defense system of vagina. In normal state, the health of women vagina existed more than 200 kinds of microbes, containing about 8 million units per milliliter bacterium number, 95% was mainly used for lactobacillus in the vagina, origin and 5% passing bacteria and pathogens, is a beneficial bacteria predominate, harmful bacteria occupied only a small part of the balance system. Advantage bacterium lactobacillus vagina like vaginal microecological goalkeeper, maintain good vaginal acidic environment, maintain the protective mucosal barrier, inhibit the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, omni-directional protect vagina micro ecological balance.

When is surgery, flushing, ovarian function is low, the use of antibiotics and other drugs, hormone level changes, the influence of such factors as "goalkeeper" cannot be normal level of play, vaginal dysbacteriosis, decrease in the number of lactobacillus, and anaerobic bacteria populations such as Gardner's bacteria, bacterial vaginosis (BV) and other kinds of vagina inflammation, there are fish stench, vaginal secretions increase, have mild symptoms such as itching or burning. Therefore, only by maintaining the dominant position of lactobacillus in the flora can we maintain the micro-ecological balance of the vagina and become a healthy woman from the inside out.

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