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Increasing Quality Of Probiotic Supplement Manufacturers To Attend The Biggest International Purchase Meeting In Northeastern China
- Jul 31, 2018 -

 The quality of Probiotic supplement manufacturers which booked exhibition position, according to the statistic supplied by the sponsor, the exhibition position booked has increased by 40% than last year.

“The types of products and business model of the probiotic industry also increased rapidly than last year, you will find almost all kind of probiotic products in this meeting, as we collected, the probiotic products will be available in this meeting including:

Probiotic powder (lactic acid bacteria powder)

Probiotic powder

lactic acid bacteria powder

Probiotic Beverages


Woman Care Feminine Probiotic

Live Probiotic Powder

Lactobacillus acidophilus Probiotics powder

Probiotic Lactobacillus Acid Bacteria

Digestive Health Daily Probiotic

High Activity Lactobacillus Probiotics

High Concentration Probiotics

Best Quality Nice Price Manufacturer Probiotics

Factory Direct Supply Probiotics

Feminine hygiene products

personal care products

Women Health Product

There is also a new business model, as we are informed by the exhibitor, the business model or service they will supply in this meeting includes:

Probiotic OEM

lactobacillus Probiotics powder manufacturers selling

Manufacturers selling quality guarantee

Live ProbioticsCapsule Private Label Manufacturing

Innovative Oral Probioticslozenge Customised

Functional Foods Probiotic Drinks Bulk Powder Private Label

High Purity Natural Probiotics with Low Price

We believe this will be the most successful meeting so far because both the exhibitors and products &service available in this meeting is unprecedented, the anticipated visitors will be unprecedented too.





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