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Is Drinking Yoghurt Really Replenish Probiotic?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Many people like to drink yoghurt, people often think that yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, these probiotics can help the stomach digest food, protect the stomach, but drinking yoghurt really supplement probiotics?


The international definition of probiotics is that only viable , sufficient numbers of microorganisms that are beneficial to the host can be referred to as probiotics . The " three standards " are commonly used to determine whether probiotic yogurt is effective .

Probiotics is a strain suitable for living in low temperature environments. The Ministry of Health of China has clearly pointed out that it is not recommended to produce probiotic health food live bacteria products in liquid form, because probiotics have passed scientific experimental certification and it is very difficult for them to survive in liquid state. And probiotics fear water, the content of powdery probiotics is high, the best choice of probiotic products is dry powder or tablets.

Drinking yogurt alone is not enough to supplement probiotics. Yogurt belongs to dairy products, which contain a large amount of water. It contains less probiotics and is weak in activity. And because probiotics need to survive under low temperature and cold storage conditions, they die a lot in the links of yoghurt transportation, sale, etc. So when people drink yoghurt, the number of probiotics that can enter the body smoothly and survive is very low, and the number of live bacteria on the packaging is not consistent with the number at the time of drinking. So if you want to supplement probiotics, drinking yogurt is not enough.

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