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Is Yogurt Really A Probiotic Product?
- Sep 07, 2018 -


When people think of probiotics, they think of yogurt, and it's often thought of as just a digestive aid. In fact, probiotics are not only distributed in the gastrointestinal system, but also in the skin, reproductive tract and other systems.

In people's mind, yogurt is the most popular probiotic product, but is it really a probiotic product?

According to scientific research, probiotics are most active in the dry powder state and lose their activity quickly when exposed to water. Yogurt is a dairy product and contains a lot of water. It contains less probiotics and is less active, so it is not technically a probiotics product.

In addition, more careful consumers will find that, in the statement behind the yogurt, probiotics are mostly marked with special two words, so it can be seen that the probiotics in yogurt is not the ordinary probiotics required by the human body, but some other special bacterial communities.

Generally, normal probiotics products are mostly dry powder or tablet. Currently, the common probiotics products on the market mainly include gastrointestinal and reproductive systems, of which the gastrointestinal series is led by synbiotics and the reproductive system is led by huimei ren.

Small make up reminds everybody, buy probiotics product, need to see product specification clearly, buy dry powder, tablet to wait for a product as far as possible.

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