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Italian Scientists Have Found That Lactobacillus Has Special Effects On Keeping Fresh Cut Fruits And Vegetables Fresh
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Scientists at the university of bologna in Italy used lactobacillus to keep fresh cut fruits and vegetables fresh and found that it significantly inhibits bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.


The team's study showed that lactobacillus V7B3 and lactobacillus casei V4B4 could be used as substitutes for chlorides in the fresh treatment of chicory, and the products could last up to 12 days in the cold storage condition. Among them, lactobacillus V7B3 has obvious inhibiting effect on listeria and escherichia coli (the two main pathogenic bacteria in cold fresh food), which is because lactobacillus V7B3 still has certain activity and effect under low temperature.

More importantly, these biopreservatives do not affect the quality of the product and are naturally harmless. Therefore, the scientists concluded that biopreservatives could increase the safety and shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that the future use of biopreservatives in conjunction with other fresh-keeping technologies would greatly enhance the commercial value of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The old way of keeping fresh cut fruits and vegetables fresh is usually cold storage and chemical preservative. The shelf life is 4~10 days.

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