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Knowledge Of Health Maintenance
- Jul 12, 2018 -

It is a science to reject the disease of traditional Chinese medicine, which is called the way of keeping fit, for years to come. It is not what western medicine says, want to check a body regularly, sick early detection, sick early treatment; It's not prevention. It's waiting. There are many methods of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, which start from the three basic human instincts: feeding, self-defense, reproduction, etc. Some add spiritual cultivation.

Drink cold water first thing in the morning. Your stomach is weakest in the morning. So you drink cold water to irritate your stomach. This is the number one health preservation. That is to say, when people first wake up, their stomach is the weakest and they can't eat. Drink cold water only to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing the hypothalamus to feel hungry. Better (personally think that the warm boiling water, even drinking water is very good, also cannot fully account for and health teacher said about the early drink vinegar water on an empty stomach, the honey water, notoginseng water, etc., can be adjusted.

For lunch, you'll first have pork hoof bao yuan soup, followed by coarse grains and side dishes. Don't eat meat with baoyuan soup at noon. Replenish and avoid meat poisoning. Then he ate the coarse vegetables and wrapped them with intestinal poison. It's called satiety. This is second in health preservation.

The broth can be beef tendon soup, pig's foot soup, sheep's foot soup, meat skin soup, carp soup, beef soup, ribs soup, chicken soup. Coarse grains can be corn, millet, buckwheat, barley, beans, sweet potatoes, taro, etc. Small vegetables can be potato, persimmon harvest, turnip, eggplant, winter melon and so on.

Take a walk for half an hour after lunch and then take a nap. Take a nap after dinner. Nourish your spirit. This is the third health preservation. A siesta is important because lunch is the most important time of day to replenish nutrients. During a nap, the blood supply to other areas is reduced. The gastrointestinal tract is well supplied with blood to absorb food. But don't take a nap too long, just an hour.

Drink juice after a nap. It's time for a vitamin supplement. Drink juice after a nap. To nourish the veins of blood. This is the fourth place for health preservation. Don't save yourself the trouble of buying fruit juice. Squeeze the fruit yourself. The safest and most delicious fruit juice is made by squeezing pears and apples equally. Why drink juice? Get lots of vitamins! Wouldn't it be better to eat fruit? Yes, if you can eat 3-5 kilos of fruit a day, of course you can.

Work out in the afternoon. ShenShi. Move and sweat. Cry out for joy. That's number five." At about 16 o 'clock in the afternoon, when the body's metabolic rate is at its highest, exercise is less prone to injury. Some people think that physical activity is called physical exercise. Wrong! No matter how you exercise, you must sweat all over your body to keep fit.

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