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More Than Nine Out Of Ten Have Bad Breath
- Aug 18, 2018 -

According to Taiwan's "China Daily" report, bad breath may be a health warning, about more than ninety percent of the bad breath from oral diseases, if mouth tastes strange lasting do not come loose, even after brush teeth, there are still aftertaste madadayo should consider looking for dentists to check first, if no problem, this can get physician assessment, find out the real reason.

Ordinary people in sleep, hungry, mental tension, saliva secretion reduces, more or less will have bad breath, this is because saliva have the function of the mouth clean, belong to the normal physiological phenomenon, need not worry too much, other including personal oral hygiene is bad, oral bacteria infections, tongue coating is too thick, nasal sinuses, throat disease, gastrointestinal disease, such as food or drug effects bring up, there is a kind of is the other people all can't smell, only he thought has bad breath, check out the reason of "heart on sex halitosis.

In fact, most of the causes of halitosis are oral cleaning, so the first improvement of oral hygiene. Although it is possible to temporarily improve halitosis with a cleaner, mouthwash, or throat sugar, it is not a permanent cure.

Five tips to keep fresh and good breath: first, brush your teeth carefully, and be sure to clean the teeth and floss. 2. Wash the tongue. Brush the tongue with a toothbrush for two or three times each time. 3. Eat three meals normally every day and drink plain water, about 1500cc per day. Eat a good breakfast, breakfast can clean mouth, promote saliva secretion. Clean your mouth after eating a heavy meal of garlic, Onions, curry and coffee.

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