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Natural Probiotics For Treating Constipation
- Oct 13, 2018 -

The main cause of constipation is the lack of intestinal probiotics. Especially, with the growth of age, probiotics in human body will gradually reduce and intestinal peristalsis will also slow down. Therefore, timely supplement of intestinal probiotics is a safe and effective choice to fight constipation, especially intractable constipation. When there are enough probiotics, they inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, which can then break down the corrupt substances in the intestines and reduce the production of toxins.

Probiotics also help with peristalsis, which is stronger when the acidity in the gut increases, and probiotics can do the trick. During the normal fermentation of probiotics, lactic acid, acetic acid and other acids are produced, which can stimulate peristalsis and improve constipation without any side effects.

Scientific research has proved that lady's l-carnitine probiotics can reduce the pH value in the colon, balance the intestinal micro-ecology, make the intestinal tract unimpeded, thus effectively eliminating the constipation of the human body. Modern medicine believes that people can restore and improve the micro-ecological environment in the human intestinal tract through probiotics, so as to relieve and eliminate constipation.

How to choose good probiotics

1. The raw material is mainly bifidobacterium bifidobacterium bb-12, the best strain, with a content of up to 100 billion. Probiotics are highly active and play a stronger role.

2. For the general needs of treating constipation, clearing bowel and detoxification, and reducing fat and weight loss, you can try the probiotics adding carnitine: the main physiological function of carnitine is to promote fat transformation into energy. Taking carnitine can reduce body fat and weight without reducing water and muscle.

3. Probiotics can help the body to eat a large amount of carbohydrate food, which can prevent the sugar from being absorbed by the body and converted into fat and stored in the body; At the same time, it can quickly adjust the balance of intestinal flora, inhibit the activity of fat synthase and reduce fat accumulation. Can repair the intestinal mucosa barrier, reduce the harmful bacteria that produces endotoxin, avoid endotoxin to enter blood to cause low degree inflammation of the body, promote lipid metabolism to accelerate, make the body is not easy to store fat, become thin person 

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