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Overseas Business Team Training By Huimeiren CEO Cui Taixing
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Huimeiren Overseas Business Team is a new rising one since this March. As a CEO of enterprise, Mr. Cui Taixing has devoted to explore and develop probiotics overseas market since the team established and is focus on making this team better and better for serving Huimeiren overseas customers professionally. On Aug. 30th, Huimeiren CEO Cui Taixing trained overseas business team personally about team performance, management concept, company culture and product theory. He said,

“Shenyang Huimeiren Biological Products Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise of leading “The new era of micro-ecology”, owns international leading and crucial technique of “Balancing human micro-ecology”, is a leading company of the application and R&D area of functional probiotics. We devote ourselves to do that “Treating bacteria by bacteria, solves human medical ecological disasters from the root”.”

“Huimeiren [Freeze-drying active probiotics factor] Products are the only one that advocates “Restoring the balanced micro-ecological bacterial flora of the genital tract as the criterion of cure of gynecology”. The process of vaginal beneficial bacteria content going down, means the process of occurring gynecological inflammations! The process of vaginal beneficial bacteria content going up, means the process of curing gynecological inflammations!”


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