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Owning HMRPRO Oral Care Probiotics, Oral Disease Is No Longer Arrogant
- May 31, 2018 -


Offensive: halitosis, periodontal disease, dental caries, dental stains, oral ulcers, etc.

Biotech 99.99% living bacteria

name of commodity

HMRPRO Oral Care Probiotics

active principle

Lyophilized active factor lactic acid bacteria

shape and properties


Effective content

Total number of live bacteria of lactic acid bacteria(cfu/g)≥106

term of validity

24 months


0.5g/tablet  12 tablets/box

matters need attention

1.Do not use with antibiotics.

2.Use allergies with caution.

usage method

This product directly into the oral discomfort.

You and health, is a good distance
. The most effective treatment:

By supplying probiotics directly to the mouth, the powerful function of salivary gland secretion is activated. Once sufficient saliva is available to dilute the acidity of the mouth, the root causes of halitosis can be eliminated.

In fact, adequate saliva secretion is one of the signs of human health, but also to ensure oral hygiene. No wonder the ancients called saliva "jade liquid" and cherish it.

The expert is here to remind people

Saliva is the best substance to maintain the oral hygiene environment. It is ridiculous not to use germicidal and disinfectant drugs in the oral cavity casually, nor to use chemicals to balance the acidity and alkalinity of the oral cavity. Because the mouth itself is a world of bacteria, many of which are beneficial.

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