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Probiotic Knowledge That Is Important To Health, But You Don't Know It.
- May 28, 2018 -

We go to the supermarket and walk to the dairy area, where we see a row of freezers, all kinds of probiotic drinks, probiotic yogurt, probiotic drinks and so on.
Today I will tell you a story about probiotics.
Is it adorable?


Is it strong?


Is it funny?

Sorry, neither.

Actually , it ' s ugly .

"I'm ugly, but I'm powerful." This is the famous sentence said by a probiotic predecessor.
You know what? Probiotics weigh more in our bodies than in our brains.
The brain usually weighs about 3 pounds, while a healthy person can weigh 3.5 pounds of probiotics. It can be seen that its weight is heavy.


This is its weight.

 And then let's look at where it lives, and many people think that probiotics just live in the gut, but it's everywhere from our mouth, nose, chest, stomach, vagina, rectum, joints, nail cover, and so on. In our bodies, including the outside, it can be said to be everywhere. It's just the most common in the gut.

 So let's go on and see where the probiotics come from. There are probiotics in the foods we eat on a daily basis, and even certain foods that are considered unhealthy and unhygienic are rich in probiotics. That is pickle, black bean, pickled vegetable, sour milk, black tea and so on. Incredible.

 These foods all have the same process of making-fermentation.

 We go on to understand the enormous role of probiotics in humans.




The immune environment of infant's intestine is very fragile, the intestine of newborn baby has no immunity. As the baby ages, so does his gut environment. The first strain planted in a baby is especially important. It's like a gut immune fire. It comes from the mother's vagina.

There are lots of probiotic inside vagina, when the baby passes through her mother's vagina with natural birth, the baby is covered with good and friendly lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, including his mouth, nose, and eyes. It is the fire that builds the immune system of the baby, especially the intestinal immune system.

Then there's a lot of probiotics in breast milk, and probiotic food oligosaccharides. This is a continuous delivery of food and troops. The baby's own immune system is gradually built and stronger. The baby is also growing healthy.

It is not easy to for probiotics to settle and grow. But now we love to destroy them.

Caesarean section, milk powder feeding, irregular diet, emotional stress, constipation, antibiotics and so on can cause a decrease in the quantity and quality of probiotics.

If you've been through above of these, cherish it now and protect it.

preserving the better probiotic drink , the probiotic medicine sold by the pharmacy , the dietary fiber and the like are all good methods of proliferating probiotics .

Do you know all of the knowledge now?

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