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Probiotics 5 NG Eating Method, Refill No More Effective
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Probiotics is a familiar term. There are so many probiotics on the market right now that they all want to give consumers an option for gut health care. Combined with the discovery and effect experiments of various beneficial bacteria, the related products become the long red products on the shelf. However, what is the probiotics? Is the effect real? How to choose?


The guards of the bowels

Not all beneficial bacteria are called probiotics. In fact, through rigorous studies and multiple experiments, it is proved that this strain can tolerate digestive juice, colonize human intestines, antagonize bad bacteria and is safe to be called probiotics. So probiotics is really effective, but each of the bacteria have different functions, if you want to have special efficacy, may require the individual to query the effect of different kinds of probiotics, but the human body composition is complex, and probiotics are oral through layer upon layer level to get to the gut, so variables are also many, each person's physical condition and are likely to affect the effect of probiotics.

Drink, swallow, eat, bubble how should choose?

For probiotics to function, three key points must be met:

It must be alive to reach the gut, or no amount of it will help.

2. The quantity is not much, not much is just good. The suggested quantity is 20 ~ 11 billion.

3. Successful colonization of the gut, with good environmental and nutrient persistence.

In form, powdery form is usually recommended; The ingot does not need to go through the high temperature in the manufacturing process, easy to kill the beneficial bacteria and reduce the number of bacteria; The yoghurt that drink namely also added overmuch candy to increase palatability commonly, besides affect an effect to increase quantity of heat to absorb more. And powdery convenient carry, but also should notice when brewing water does not exceed 40 degrees, can kill the probiotics in otherwise.

It's not just the probiotics, but also the nutrients they need: oligosaccharides, to keep them alive. Oligosaccharides are not commonly eaten by the body and cannot be digested by the body. Therefore, eating them does not increase the caloric intake. However, these are the food and energy sources of probiotics.

Pay attention to the eating method of probiotics NG

Choose the right probiotics products should also pay attention to the use of methods and precautions, so that you will not lose your wife's money, waste of money did not fill the body oh!

1. High-temperature brewing probiotics:

Probiotics are not resistant to high temperatures. Don't drink them as brewed drinks.

Drink with other drinks:

Don't mix in coffee, milk, juice, soda, etc., or the probiotics will lose their activity.

Take multiple doses a day:

Just like drinking too much nourishing joy at one time can make your stomach upset, the right amount of probiotics can make you eat more.

Eat no fruits and vegetables and only drink bacteria:

Probiotics only assist intestinal function, mainly depending on the normal healthy diet and rest of the effective!

5. Cold physique and still eat more:

Probiotics are cold and cold. If they are not cold, they can be boiled with warm water.

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