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Probiotics Again Make People Greatly Surprised, Auxiliary Treatment Hypertension, High Blood Sugar And High Blood Fat!
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia are collectively called "three highs".

According to statistics, among the top 10 causes of death in China, the number of deaths related to the "three highs" also accounts for 27 percent of the total deaths, which is shocking. Almost every family is running with the "three highs" endurance race.


Statistics show that 60% of chronic diseases are caused by your lifestyle and eating habits.

People often say: old age, there are three high very normal! Every time I hear such a crazy theory, I can't help but feel the shock: is age equal to three? If the age is not three high, it is not normal! It's time to crack down on this trend

Today's topic, which is related to food therapy, keeps you away from the lifestyle of three high or chronic diseases. Probiotics can help a lot!



Probiotics reduce cholesterol

Probiotics use three different methods to lower cholesterol.

Probiotics interfere with the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. This effect is evident in the presence of a large number of probiotics.

Probiotics can assimilate and absorb cholesterol directly. The cholesterol content of probiotics decreased when they were grown in high cholesterol medium. This mechanism has been proved in this experiment.

3. Probiotics produce metabolites that can affect the blood lipid level of the system, and the resulting brine hydrolyase promotes the precipitation of cholesterol and bile acid, and reduces the chance of cholesterol entering the blood stream.

Hypertensive diet

In addition to reducing high blood pressure caused by high cholesterol, the effect of probiotics metabolites on lowering blood pressure has become a hot topic in recent years.

The researchers found that probiotics can lower blood pressure. The nine trials involved more than 540 patients.

"By analyzing the data, we found that regular intake of probiotics can help lower blood pressure and maintain normal blood pressure," said the study's authors. Patients with high blood pressure who participated in the experiment witnessed the magic effect of probiotics.

Studies have shown that ingesting probiotics can reduce blood pressure by lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the heart, improving cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and regulating the endocrine system.

And one is called norelastin. This short peptide, found mainly in Swiss lactobacillus fermented milk, is also called active ACE inhibitor. Angiotensin II can cause blood vessels to contract and increase blood pressure. The principle of ACE inhibitors is to improve blood flow and blood pressure by inhibiting the transformation of angiotensin I into angiotensin II. Currently, VPP (valine-proline - proline) and IPP (isoleucine-proline - proline) are the active tripeptides that have been proved to have significant effects by experiments.

Another type of GABA (constant-aminobutyric acid) is also found in fermented milk. Antipyretic aminobutyric acid, a natural amino acid composed of non-protein, mainly exists in the brain and spinal cord of mammals, and is an important inhibitive neurotransmitter. Used in hepatic coma and brain metabolic disorders. It can also fight mental restlessness and improve hypertension.


Therefore, probiotics containing these active substances can be used as hypertensive diet agents.


Numerous medical scientific studies have repeatedly shown that high blood sugar is a toxic substance. It causes red blood cells to lose their flexibility and harden, clogging tiny blood vessels and triggering blood clots. In the blood vessel, the protein is combined with the protein to form glycosylated protein, which causes the protein to lose function and damage the blood vessel, which is easy to cause arteriosclerosis. Sustained high blood sugar can lead to diabetes.

As a dietary therapy, probiotics has many advantages.


1. As the favorite substance of general bacteria, glucose will also be used by the probiotics on the mucosa first. Probiotics reduce the absorption of glucose. When there are a large number of probiotics, the effect will be very obvious.

2. When ingesting a large amount of probiotics, the probiotics fight against the harmful bacteria in the intestine, requiring the body to supply a large amount of "high-quality military food" for probiotics -- glucose, which is mainly transported by blood, thus accelerating the metabolism of glucose.

3. Ⅰ diabetes is due to immune function abnormity caused destruction of islet cells. Probiotics have the function of regulating immunity and can prevent the damage of pancreatic islet cells caused by hyperimmunity. Fourth, probiotics can prevent and reduce various complications of diabetes.

Probiotics can help with diabetes. Diabetes diet treatment is the most important basic measure of diabetes treatment, no matter the severity of the disease, no matter what kind of drug treatment, should stick to diet control for a long time.

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