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Probiotics And Beauty Care
- May 08, 2018 -

微信图片_20180508131952.pngWhen people suffer from acne, pigmentation, rashes, senile plaques, etc., it often means that there is something out of balance in the body. Traditional skin creams and drugs do not fundamentally solve the problem. The nature of certain skin diseases is allergic.  

The usual treatment now is the use of antibiotics. When acne persists, general treatment does not play a large role. Long-term antibiotic treatment kills "good bacteria" and produces antibiotic-resistant bacteria, even causing acne lesions.

When European researchers and doctors used probiotics for gastro-intestinal treatment, they found that most patients with facial acne experienced acne elimination two weeks after taking probiotics. This also proves that probiotics can help the body solve skin problems and help us to beautify our skin.

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