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Probiotics For Gynecological Use
- May 10, 2018 -


The microorganisms in the vagina are mainly Lactobacillus, accounting for 90% to 95% of the total microbial biomass.

The flora in the vagina forms a balanced ecosystem. When the body's immune system is low, changes in endocrine levels or external factors destroy the microecological balance, harmful bacteria in these resident flora will break through the vaginal mucosal barrier. infection. At present, there are 1 billion women worldwide suffering from vaginal and urethral discomfort.

The vagina has a self-cleaning function. Many lactobacillus in the vagina can fight bacteria and viruses to maintain the health of the vagina.To maintain the PH balance of the vagina is to rely on these good bacteria that are already present in the vagina. Traditional bactericidal anti-inflammatory drugs and lotions do not help maintain the normal vaginal pH and flora balance.

E-JUN PROBIOTICS can supplement vaginal probiotics, increase the rate of beneficial bacteria in the private sector, relieve or prevent female gynecological inflammation, and improve the health status of female private parts.

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