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Probiotics: Keeping The Balance Of The Flora And Tightness For Women Private Parts
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Probiotics: keeping the balance of the flora and tightness for women private parts

Since ancient times, there have been ten women nine inflammation, 10 girls will have vaginal inflammation 9. Because of the physiological structure of women, germs can easily infiltrate.


Women's vagina is a weakly acidic environment. In daily life, acid diet, work and life stress, irregular sleep, uncomfortable mood, improper sanitary nursing during menstrual period, frequent sexual life, etc., all cause a decline in the defense function of the vagina. Damp environments are more susceptible to germs.


In the traditional treatment of gynecological inflammation, the basic color given to us by hospitals is all germicidal products. They kill all the good and bad ones and stop using them when there is relief. The more they are treated, the worse they are. They also use antibiotics. This repeatedly destroys the relationship between the vaginal flora, leading to the growth of fungi become more vigorous. Once stopped, the PH of vagina changes, inflammation can recur. Repeated attacks of inflammation, how many women are troubled.


According to the research of experts for many years, the health problems in the human body, especially in the lower body of women, are directly related to the pH value (acid-base balance). Once the balance is unbalanced, the health of the human body will appear quickly. Probiotics in the human body are specifically responsible for regulating acid-base balance and phagocytosis of harmful bacteria. But the number of probiotics will decrease rapidly because of the increase of human stress, the irregular life, the depression of mental state and the increase of age.


Therefore , the health of the human is especially the gynecological problem , the treatment is basically the supplement of the probiotics in time , so as to regulate the balance of the acid and alkali in the body , improve the healthy environment , enhance the immunity , and solve the disease in a safe and thorough manner .


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