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Probiotics’new Role After Concentrating On How To Improve Immunity And How To Improve Digestibility
- Jul 19, 2018 -

How to improve immunity and How to improve digestibility were used to be the main function of probiotics.

For the last 20 years, probiotics are usually considered as a measurement when people are thinking about how to improve immunity and how to improve digestibility.


Tom, an expert in healthy food supplement, demonstrated the history of probiotics to us:

“From its available in the market, it always considered as a health food supplement,

And an idea people will consider when they are thinking about How to improve immunity and How to improve digestibility generally”



The discovery of probiotic’s new function and the developing of a new theory about the using of probiotics has changed the situation,

Other forms including Probiotic powder(lactic acid bacteria powder) and Probiotic Beverages and more specified function such as attaining Balanced and Efficient Intestinal Microflora have been developed.


Probiotics’ special effect to feminine issue and the concept’s widely being accepted stimulated the developing of the market, a new product like Woman Care Probiotic for urinary vagina smell health and Woman Care Feminine Probiotic has become the new trend of the adoption of probiotics.

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