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Should You Be Using Probiotic Skin-Care Products?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

You probably know all about your gut probiotics. They help with digestion and are easier than ever to pass through food such as kimchi and yogurt, as well as supplements and fortified foods. You may not have thought about applying probiotics to your skin, but on the shelves of any beauty store, you'll see a lot of products that use probiotics.

Probiotic skin care products have proven to be promising. "On top of the skin's physical barrier is a layer of diverse microorganisms called the microbiome that helps keep the complexion clear and radiant," says Rhonda Klein, M.D., a dermatologist practicing in Connecticut. "These natural bacteria—over 10,000 different species—help promote healthy skin function. Skin-care products that contain these bacteria are thought to reset the microbiome that has been altered by our obsession with cleanliness." (Constant washing, exfoliating, etc.) "There are many strains, both live and dead, and the strains really do matter," Dr. Klein explains. Just as you want the right probiotics in your gut, you want the right probiotics on your face.


HMRPRO Facial Skincare Probiotics is developed using human facial skin bacteria structure. This design helps balance the bacteria flora with skin-existing good bacteria and regulate the bacterial imbalance and PH value. This product suppresses the growth of the harmful bacteria and RELIEVES THE SYMPOTOMS OF PIMPLE, ACNE, ACNE MARKS, AND BLACKHEAD, allowing the skin to remain soft and vibrant.



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