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Strong Popular Science! Are Probiotics Dependent?
- Jul 08, 2018 -

People who are new to probiotics often have two questions:

Are there dependencies? Are there any side effects?

Direct answer:

There is no evidence that probiotics are dependent.

Why aren't probiotics dependent?

Strong popular science! Are probiotics dependent?

Some advertise "probiotics" and publish them openly in lifestyle magazines and public accounts. There are even some medical workers who hold the same opinion without knowing it and publish it online.

Strong popular science! Are probiotics dependent?

Strong popular science! Are probiotics dependent?

So-called scholars as probiotic products, long-term use of synthetic human body can cause intestinal have dependence, will cause the bowel function gradually lose their ability to breed bacteria, this would create dependency in human intestine.

There are no synthetic probiotics

Strong popular science! Are probiotics dependent?

At present, the science and technology level of human has not reached the level of synthetic bacteria. At present, human beings cannot create even a minimum of living substances, let alone probiotics.

All commercial strains are currently isolated and screened from the natural world, and are in and of itself long-lived bacteria that live with our bodies.

The gut does not lose its ability to reproduce probiotics

Strong popular science! Are probiotics dependent?

Because the gut doesn't produce probiotics, it's the habitat of probiotics.

Our gut is just a living space for the tenant, the bacteria, and the benefits of probiotics to the human body are the rent these good tenants pay. The house hygienic maintenance is good, still have to see your tenant to deserve not to cooperate with you, probiotics is good tenant, frequent sweep hygienic kind, more just good.

Too much probiotics will not be a problem

Strong popular science! Are probiotics dependent?

Native populations of intestinal flora are structurally more stable than you might think.

Human gut contains highly diverse microbial communities, is essentially an open ecosystem, intestinal flora by "origin bacteria" + "passing the fungus" two major part, through these probiotic food enters the body of the original composition of the microbial flora is not much, but for some specific microbial groups have an impact. Passing bacteria want into origin bacteria is very difficult, often taking probiotic products, short of about 3 ~ 5 days with droppings, long 7 days or so will be out, only a few probiotics can colonize, so choosing been verified strains of science is very important.

So-called ectopic intestinal flora has also been proved to be almost impossible, the influence of intestinal flora more factors, probiotics is just one of them.

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