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Summer Diet Health Tips
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Summer is a favorite season for many people, because you can have fun in summer. But if you want to enjoy the summer, you should also pay attention to the common knowledge of summer diet and keep healthy. Here, we share some tips on eating healthy during the summer months.

"Green light" food

Hot season stresses diet adjustment, can take the following countermeasures:

Eat bitter food

During the three meals a day, pay attention to eating more bitter food. Bitter food may not taste right, but it's a healthy food for a hot day. The alkaloids contained in bitter food have the pharmacological effects of relieving heat and heat, promoting blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels. Eat balsam pear, sowthistle volts, weather, or drink some beer, tea, coffee, cocoa, bitter drink, can not only remove heart troubles, refreshing, but also can increase appetite, spleen and stomach.

Take vitamin supplements

High temperature season, human metabolism is accelerated, easy to lack a variety of vitamins. At this point, you can selectively quantitative added some vitamins, is the best food supplement, can choose a few foods rich in vitamins and calcium, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, beans and its products, animal liver and kidney, dried small shrimps, etc., also can drink some juice.

Don't forget to add salt and potassium

Summer sweat more, the body loses more salt. So be careful to eat more salty foods to replenish the body's lost salt and achieve the balance your body needs. In addition, sweat also can bring about the potassium ion inside the body to lose too much, specific symptom is the human body listlessness, inappetence and so on. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium, so you can take into consideration the control to eat some strawberries, apricot, litchi, peach, plum, such as fruit, and vegetables in the green vegetables, green Chinese onion, celery, edamame potassium is also very rich. Tea contains a lot of potassium, and drinking more tea in the summer can kill the heat and replenish the potassium, kill two birds with one stone.

4. Summer heat days should be made up

Summer diet should fill in qing dynasty, spleen, prompting fashionistas wet for the principle, should choose to have light ziyin efficacy of food, such as the duck, carp, shrimp, lean meat, edible mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushroom, tremella, etc.), barley, etc.

Eat more porridge with summer medicine

Summer does not suit big fill, summer eats the food that big fill makes the body uncomfortable easily, so mutton should not eat more, especially the person with high blood pressure. It is best to eat more vegetables and less greasy food, and pay attention to eating more food that can reduce heat and heat, such as mung bean porridge, lentil porridge, lotus leaf porridge, mint porridge and other "anti-summer medicine porridge".

Red light food

Hot summer, the human body's appetite will often mislead people's diet, leading to the result of satisfying the taste, brought about disease. So, summer to be healthy, but also pay more attention to eat less or do not eat inappropriate food.

Eat less cold food

When the climate is particularly hot, eating some cold food or drinking some cold drinks appropriately will make people feel comfortable physically and mentally, and can also play a role in cooling off the heat.

However, these foods should not be eaten too much. Eating too much cold powder and porridge can easily hurt your stomach. And ice cream, ice blocks made with milk, egg powder, sugar, etc., can not eat too much, otherwise easy to cause gastric bowel temperature drop, cause irregular contraction, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. At present, there are many kinds of beverages on the market, but the nutritional value is not high, it is better to drink less. If you drink too much cold drinks, it will also damage your spleen and stomach, affect your appetite, and even lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Eat fruit in moderation

From the perspective of nutrition, the human body a variety of basic nutritional needs?? Carbohydrates, minerals, protein, etc., are not only rely on to eat fruit can meet, long live on "fruit", easily lead to insufficient protein intake, the body of the endocrine system, digestive system, immune system to produce adverse effect. Some young friends like to eat fruit to lose weight in the summer, but it's not very scientific. Eating fruit alone will not only lead to many diseases, but also because most fruits contain enough sugar, so a large amount of long-term intake, can not achieve the effect of weight loss.

3. Avoid raw aquatic products

Water products are rich in nutrition and taste good, and summer raw food taste is first-class. However, seafood products such as shrimp, tegillarca granosa, tegillarca granosa, quebecca granosa, drunken shrimp, drunken crab, salted crab, etc., pose a greater safety risk. Because there are many parasites in seafood, it is easy to catch diseases without high temperature sterilization. Many people believe that foods that are not heated or cooked at high temperatures will not lose their nutrients and that eating them raw is best. In fact, foods like vegetables and fruits are better eaten raw, and they contain vitamins, fiber and other nutrients that are not lost. But when you eat fruits and vegetables raw, you must wash them clean, because vegetables and fruits now contain a lot of pesticides.

Pay attention to family meals

Prevent cross infection of raw and cooked food, so do not put cooked food in containers or bowls filled with raw seafood, raw meat and unwashed.

Special attention should be paid to refrigerate the processed cooked food in time in summer. The storage time of cooked food should be limited to two hours at normal temperature. Food had better be eaten fresh, raw fruits to be washed and sterilized. If the food has decayed, spoiled and stale, it is easy to cause diarrhea and other symptoms, it is best not to eat. When doing colddish, should add garlic mud and vinegar, can seasoning already, also can have bactericidal effect.

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