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Summer Healthy Weight Loss Tips
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Although summer is easier than other season thin body, but the attention that summer loses weight is quite a few however, today be inferior to let small make up take you to understand below.

Quit the bad habit of staying up late

Staying up late is not only the killer of youth, but also the killer of weight loss. It will reduce the basic metabolism of the body.

Exercise is the only way to lose weight. In addition to regular exercise every week, the amount of oxygen in the body's cells can be increased.

If really didn't have time to go to the gym, might as well put pairs of shoes in the office, can put on while going off work, get into the habit of walking two more MRT station to get on the car, or two station can be ahead of time, seize the moment to take more exercise.

Get good protein

Muscle protein is composed of main elements in the breakfast can intake of high-quality protein more, can give the body all day, when the unit running inside the body, nature can help the metabolic heat. Examples: eggs, milk, fish, chicken, soy products.

Insulin secretion peak is in four and six in the afternoon, if used to absorb starch, dinner eat during this time, as far as possible can help quality and nutrient absorption, reduce hoarding too much heat.

3. Fruit trap

Many people think that weight loss will eat fruit meal, but this is a very unhealthy practices, on the one hand, nutrition is not balanced, on the other hand is the fruit contains a large sugar, advised to absorb a big fist, and as far as possible in the early, finished eating lunch.

You can choose a suitable ciliary product for the part you want to improve. It is recommended to use massage to help you inhale, which can improve some of the orange peel problems caused by obesity.

4. Light and little salt

Salt is the biggest cause of water hoarding, the main killer of edema. Reducing salt intake can improve this convenience and make the body feel healthier and lighter.

Office worker most whole day sitting in front of a computer, often cause lower body fat and edema, can improve the peripheral microcirculation bubble bath after go home, when your body is better, bad waste of nature can be metabolized.

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