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Talk About The Four Major Myths Of Probiotics.
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Many people know about probiotics and find ways to add them to their diet. However, many people have entered the wrong side of probiotics.

Mistake 1: have "bacterium" certain have effect

Are all the so-called probiotics on the market equally effective? He guoqing, chairman of the lactobacillus branch of the Chinese society of food science and technology and a professor at the school of food science and technology of zhejiang university, said that probiotics have three essential conditions: one is to reach the intestine alive, two is to reach a certain amount, and three is to be able to exert significant effects. Probiotics, he says, need to be kept active first, but also in quantities. According to national regulation, every milliliter should be at least 1 million, in some developed countries even achieved 100 million per milliliter. In addition, the product should maintain this order of magnitude during the entire shelf life. It is recommended that you carefully read product labels, such as ingredient lists, name labels, etc. Choose internationally well-known brands as far as possible, with the label of "active lactobacillus", and keep the products in cold storage, the shelf life is generally about 1 month.


Myth 2: probiotic products are only good for kids

The most common probiotic food in life is the active lactobacillus beverage, small bottle, sweet and sour delicious, so many people will be mistaken for a children's drink, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

'as we get older, the beneficial bacteria in our gut will decrease, and the harmful ones will increase,' says ding hong, chief of nutrition at the hospital that delivers beneficial bacteria to babies. And modern people eat less dietary fiber, work pressure, so more need to supplement probiotics to maintain intestinal health. In addition, Chen yourong, a professor at Shanghai ocean university, said people with constipation, obesity, old age and frequent use of antibiotics are particularly in need of supplementation.

Myth 3: the larger the probiotics the better

Do some people think that a small bottle of probiotics is enough to last three or two sips? Is bigger capacity better? Product capacity is not the basis of choice, the key is to see the number of live bacteria per milliliter, generally a few billion a day to meet human needs. It is important to drink daily, and winter is no exception, to promote the balance of your gut bacteria. In addition, it is recommended to drink after a meal, because the food and stomach acid can allow more living bacteria to reach the intestinal tract to play a role.

Miss area 4: drinking leben can be a lot of beneficial bacteria

Many people drink yogurt and lactic acid drinks every day, but still fart and lack probiotics in their intestines. Why is that? Because probiotics are very difficult to live in, the number and activity of live bacteria can be greatly reduced within 2 to 4 hours of leaving the culture. When yogurt is delivered to consumers after being made, it has to go through a long period of production, logistics and sales, during which the temperature changes will also greatly destroy the activity of probiotics. Therefore, the probiotics in yogurt are less live and less active. On the other hand, the probiotics in yogurt have no resistance to stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes, and it is very difficult to get to the large intestine successfully. Finally, yogurt and lactic acid drinks on the market are loaded with sugar and sweeteners, and even thickeners, pigments, flavors and other ingredients that are not healthy.

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