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The 3 Big Contraindications That Vaginitis USES Medicine
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Misuse of antibiotics

Some patients knew they had vaginitis and began taking antibiotics immediately. In fact, excessive use of antibiotics will cause the bacteria to develop resistance, destroy the balance between vaginal microflora, so that the treatment cycle will continue to extend, especially the fungal infection antibiotics will aggravate the symptoms of infection, resulting in a prolonged treatment of the intractable situation.

In the early stage of vaginitis, the selection of microecological probiotics can play a significant and good effect. If you take the medicine according to the doctor's advice, you should not increase the dosage of antibiotic drugs for the effect, or stop taking the medicine after the symptoms reduce. After drug treatment, lactobacillus vaginalis supplementation and restoration of vaginal microecological natural environment can consolidate the treatment effect.

Over-reliance on proprietary Chinese medicine

Some Chinese patent medicine of department of gynaecology has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying poison, but the effect is slow in general, pertinence is not strong, often used in the adjuvant treatment of chronic gynecological inflammation, can not be used as the first choice treatment. For acute trichomoniasis, fungus, bacteria infection should also choose anti-trichomoniasis, anti-fungal drugs, blindly use of Chinese patent medicine may delay the disease.

Abuse vaginal suppositories

Use a suppository as long as there is inflammation, and make the condition worse by not looking for the cause. For example, acute trichomoniasis, fungal infection, can not use corrosive vaginal suppositories; If it is acute vaginitis, use suppositories to promote the spread of inflammation.

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