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The Human Body Needs To Replenish Probiotics
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Bacteria is inevitable in our daily life, the normal human body contains a lot of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, they are interdependence, mutual restrict, make the micro ecological system in a state of dynamic balance, but when the body encounters various changes of external environment, flora balance has been broken, the decrease in the number of beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria number increase, the body of all kinds of disease will ensue.


The word probiotics comes from the Greek word for "Pro", which means "beneficial," "biotics" which means "life," literally, "good for life," and is also known by scientists as the "vaccine of the future." The following is a list of reasons why the human body must supplement probiotics.

1. Fewer and fewer probiotics are consumed in the diet of modern people. More and more modern food and packaging use artificial synthetic raw materials, and add preservatives, thickeners, essence, spices and other artificial synthetic additives in food, people eat too much of these processed food, which is not conducive to the survival and proliferation of probiotics in the body.

2. With the development of urbanization and industrialization, environmental pollution is becoming heavier and heavier, the ecological environment is deteriorating, and the air and water quality on which human beings depend is declining. Urban drinking water often has to be purified by water treatment plants, especially after chlorine treatment, chlorine-containing drinking water will damage the growth and reproduction of probiotics in the human body.

3. The working life of modern people is tense and the pressure is increased, and probiotics are extremely sensitive to the human pressure. Because increased stress changes the balance of hormones in the body, there is less probiotics in the body.

The excessive use of oral steroids and asthma steroids in modern humans, such as bonisone, can reduce the number of probiotics in the body and affect normal human functioning.

5. The popularization and abuse of antibiotics have brought many side effects. Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria in the body as well as good bacteria.

Therefore, experts point out that in order to maintain human health, modern people need to face these adverse factors, and more often need additional probiotics. In daily life, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and often eating foods rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, cheese, pickle and other fermented foods, is the most cost-effective way to supplement probiotics. For the gynecological probiotics supplement, the general choice of hui mei renjia's good yujun, E fungus women self-cleaning products.

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