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The Man Scrapes Away The Big Belly, The Woman Scratches The Small Savage Waist
- Jul 07, 2018 -

1. In the United States:

In the short 12 years from 1967 to 1979, the number of patients with chronic diseases affecting their ability to move increased by 86%, of whom 21% were between 17 and 44 years old.

2. In China:

Malignant tumors increased 338 percent between 1957 and 2005. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased by 242%! Between 2005 and 2006 malignant tumors increased by 16% in just one year! Endocrine nutrition and metabolic diseases increased by 28%! The number of diabetics increases by 10% every year!

The world is in the age of cancer

Cancer kills one in three people in Singapore, one in four in Taiwan and one in five in mainland China. The world is in the age of cancer!

Scientific research confirms:

Due to the deterioration of human living environment, various kinds of pollution have been absorbed by human body in large quantities, forming toxic and dirty deposits in the five organs and six organs, causing human body to lose its due life vitality, leading to diseases and premature death.

According to traditional medicine,

Toxin is to point to the human body does not need, superfluous, because of environmental factor or the body metabolism produces all sorts of material that have harm to human health. The toxin accumulates in the body over the years to form tartar.

How much venom is there in your body? !

How much scale is there in the human body? How much do you know about human metabolic waste? Human metabolism produces more than 400 kinds of chemical wastes.

1) each person can expel about 40 billion bacteria, viruses and parasitic worm eggs by breathing, coughing, spitting and urinating every day.

2) about 600,000 pieces of skin flakes fall off in a person's metabolism every hour, about 0.7 kilograms per year.

3) human feces contain a large number of bacteria, two-thirds of which are considered harmful bacteria. If they cannot be excreted within 24 hours, they can reproduce more than 2 trillion pieces of bacteria.

4) there are 3-25 kilograms of garbage in the body of an adult, and there are different levels of garbage in all organs of the human body.

Toxic scale is closely related to disease

In the normal physiological state, the human body has a dynamic, three-dimensional, perfect detoxification system, the most important "channel" is the intestinal tract. Modern medical research has also confirmed that human senescence is directly related to the production and accumulation of intestinal endotoxin. In normal physiology, most of the toxins are excreted through the gut, but some remain in the body. In particular, when the body is in a state of fatigue, improper diet, insufficient sleep, illness or improper medication, it is easy to lead to blocked toxin excretion.

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