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The Natural Defense Of The Female Genitalia
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Can be seen from the structure of the external female reproductive organs: women's vagina and urethra, anus, adjacent and vaginal opening is the opening of the female reproductive organs inside and the outside world is same, so the female reproductive organs susceptible to certain environmental factor. However, female reproductive tract and reproductive organs have relatively perfect natural defense system in terms of anatomy and function, so there is no slight pathogen invasion that will cause gynecological infection.

This natural defense system includes:

(1) the two sides of the large and small lips of the female vulva meet, covering the vaginal opening and urethral opening like two doors.

(2) there is a lot of muscle tissue at the bottom of the female pelvis. Under the action of these pelvic floor muscles, the vaginal opening is closed at ordinary times, and the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina are pressed tightly against the invasion of external pathogenic factors. But for transvestites, the vaginal walls are more relaxed, and this function is reduced.

(3) estrogen secreted by women's ovaries can promote the proliferation and thickening of vaginal epithelial cells and enhance the resistance to pathogens. In addition, vaginal epithelial cells contains abundant glycogen, parasitic in the vagina and normal women called vagina lactobacillus bacteria, it can make the glycogen is decomposed into simple sugars, and then broken down into lactic acid, make the vagina acidic environment, keep the pH at 42 ~ 5. Those pathogens that thrive in alkaline environments are therefore inhibited, which is the self-cleansing of the vagina.

(4) in ovarian secretion of hormone, under the action of the cervical mucosa gland to secrete mucus, alkaline formation of mucus plugs, blocking the cervix, cervical canal and isolated from the external environment, reduce the chances of the bacteria invasion. It has been reported that bacteria can be detected in the lower third of the cervical mucus suppository, while no bacteria can be detected in the upper two-thirds of the mucus suppository. This may indicate that cervical mucus suppository plays an important role in preventing upward infection of bacteria. In addition, the intrauterine cervix is normally closed, which can also prevent the invasion of pathogens.

(5) with the periodic changes of sexual hormones secreted by the ovaries, the endometrium of women of reproductive age also underwent periodic stripping and menstruation. As endometrium is stripped off and menstrual blood is excreted, the pathogens that invade the uterine cavity are also eliminated.

(6) some tubal mucosa epithelial cells differentiated into ciliated cells, these cilia can swing in the direction of the uterus, and creep effect of fallopian tube, to invade the fallopian tube removal effect of bacterial pathogens.

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