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The Notification About How To Hold 2018 Liaoning International Purchasing Meeting Well With The Communication Between Purchasers And Suppliers
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Liaoning Provincial Commerce Department

The Notification about How to hold 2018 Liaoning International Purchasing Meeting Well with the Communication between Purchasers and Suppliers

To all commercial bureaus:

  2018 Liaoning International Purchasing Meeting will be held on Aug. 9th in Shenyang. It is for help the enterprises in our province by using this meeting to explore the international market and get the international orders.

Liaoning Provincial

Commerce Department



Huimeiren Biological Products Co., Ltd. is invited to attend 2018 Liaoning International Purchasing Meeting as a representative firm of biologicals.

Hui Mei Ren Biological Products Co.,Ltd. is the leader of the new type

micro-ecology biologicals who insists in creating human sustainable and healthy development. Hui Mei Ren was established in 2001, inherited several decades biotechnology culture and history, was specially invited to attend the Chinese Women's and children's health conference as a key bio-pharmaceutical enterprise for five years in a row, was loved by thousands of consumers. 

Huimeiren probiotics products are related to feminine gynecological care and health, oral cavity and respiratory system care and health, digestive system and gastrointestinal care and health, skin care masks. We are a manufacturer of raw materials and finished products, also OEM.

Now Huimeiren is looking for distributors worldwide. Probiotics market is huge now and future which is waiting for you develop.

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