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The Opening Ceremony Of Medical Education Conference In China, The 1st Symposium On “Micro-ecology And Health Education”, And The 9th Academic Annual Conference Of “Micro-ecology” Specialized Committee In Shenyang Medical College In 2018/07/01
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Huimeiren Biological Products Co., Ltd. is invited with great honor to attend the Opening Ceremony of Medical Education Conference in China, the 1st Symposium on “Micro-ecology and Health Education” and the 9th Academic Annual Conference of “Micro-ecology” Specialized Committee on 2018/07/01.



The host of the ceremony is Xiao Chunling who is the dean of Shenyang Medical College. The schedule of the ceremony is as follows:

1. Jiang Jun, who is the deputy mayer in Shenyang People’s government and the vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (C.P.P.C.C), made a speech.

2. Professor Huang Zhengming, who is the President of Medical Education Association in China, made a speech and read out the establishment file of Micro-ecology and Health Education Specialized Committee in public.

3. Chen Hongduo, the Academician of CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering), made a speech. He put forward that “Science and technology are not the same concept, science promotes the development of technology.”

4. General Yuan Yonglin, who is the former vice-minister of the Ministry of Health in the General Logistics Department of the PLA, made a speech. He put forward that “Code by code”.

5. Song Liangwei, who is the deputy director of Health and Family Planning Commission, made a speech.

6. Li Zhimin, who is director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, made a speech.



After finishing the opening ceremony, followed with the special reports from the medical professors who are famous in the global medical field. The reports articles are as follows: 

1. “The Evolution of Science and Technology Development and Medical Scientific Research and Education” --- Li Zhimin, Director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education.

   - “The ideal medical science is not to cure, but phylaxiology for not getting sick.”

2. “Reverse Microbial Etiology” --- Xu Jianguo, Academician of CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

3. “Reviewing and Thinking of Medical Undergraduate Education Under the Background of Healthy China Strategy” --- Professor Wang Weimin, Deputy director of Peking University Health Science Center.

4. “Clinical medical research in the age of big data” --- Professor Shen Hongbin, Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor from the Ministry of Education, President of Nanjing Medical University.

5. “Theoretical basis and integration strategy of medical education curriculum integration — A case study of the curriculum integration from Harvard Medical School which has been developing for 30 years” --- Sun Baozhi, Professor of China Medical University.

6. “Problem and countermeasure of the science popularization education of microecology” --- Guo Xiaokui, Professor of SJTU(Shanghai Jiaotong University).

7. “Research of respiratory tract microbiome of important diseases” --- Professor Wang Jianwei, Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor from the Ministry of Education, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC).

8. “Functional oligosaccharide, intestinal microecology and Nutritional metabolic disease” --- Liu Hongtao, Candidate of Hundred Talents Program from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine.  

9. “Microbiota and gastrointestinal neoplasms” --- Wang Zhenning, Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor from the Ministry of Education, Professor of China Medical University.

10. “The application of Microecologics in some digestive system diseases” --- Zheng Pengyuan, Professor in the affiliated hospital of Zhengzhou University.  

11. “Infant respiratory tract microecology and RTI (respiratory tract infection)” --- He Qiushui, Professor of Capital Medical University.  

12. “The research progress between the relativity of Probiotics, food and gastrointestinal tract microecology” --- Wei Hua, Professor of Nanchang University.

13. “The function of Bacterial Small RMA and the research progress of the function from Bacterial Small RMA to the host” --- Zhang Fengmin, Professor of Harbin Medical University.

14. “The research progress of human intestinal microbiome and chronic disease” --- Zhu Baoli, Candidate of Hundred Talents Program from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Science.

15. “The research progress of Microecological imbalance and uric acid metabolism and related diseases” --- Yuan Jieli, Professor of Dalian Medical University.

Whereafter, the CEO of Huimeiren Biological Products Co., Ltd., Cui Taixing, who is a bioengineer, attended Liaoning Province Preventive Medicine Association Microecology Specialized Committee Meeting.




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