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The Problem That Pregnant Mother Worries About - Vaginitis
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Pregnancy is the happiest and most vulnerable period for a woman. Here refers to the vulnerability of pregnancy due to changes in hormone levels, vaginal ph is also prone to corresponding changes, so this period is prone to vaginitis, that is, pregnancy vaginitis. Pregnancy vaginitis brings a lot of trouble to pregnant women, many pregnant women are worried about whether pregnancy vaginitis affects the healthy growth of the fetus. So, how should expectant mothers deal with vaginitis during pregnancy?

Expert of department of gynaecology, vagina, also is the birth canal fetal childbirth in the future, due to the change of hormone levels during pregnancy, pregnant women body various aspects including vaginal environment itself can change, so this period easily suffer from vaginitis. There are three common types of vaginitis during pregnancy:

1. The most common reproductive system disease during pregnancy is mycotic vaginitis. High levels of sex hormones after pregnancy, coupled with vaginal hyperemia, high secretion, moist vulva and so on, have created a very favorable environment for mold growth.

2. Trichomonas vaginitis occurs due to changes in the ph of the vagina during pregnancy. It can also be infected either directly or indirectly. Vaginitis is common during pregnancy.

3. Bacterial vaginitis, which is actually a vaginal infectious disease caused by the imbalance of normal flora in the vagina. Have, according to data in pregnant women prevalence was 12.5%, the bacterial vaginal disease during pregnancy can often lead to adverse perinatal outcomes such as chorioamnionitis, amniotic fluid infection, premature rupture of membranes, preterm birth and cesarean section and postpartum uterus vaginal infection.

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