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The Replacement Of Antibiotics----Probiotics
- Nov 06, 2018 -

When you're fighting a bacterial infection, antibiotics not only attack the bad bacteria, but also can destroy some of your body's good bacteria, too. While your prescription medication is working hard to make you feel better, it can also cause unpleasant side effects, like diarrhea or a yeast infection.

Probiotics work to help alleviate those side effects and may shorten the duration of your symptoms. In their natural form, probiotics are living microorganisms found in healthy bodies and certain foods. You can also get them from dietary supplements. Not only are probiotics good for your gut, they are also beneficial for immune, urinary, and vaginal health.


HMRPROTM WOMEN’S V-TIGHTING PROBIOTICS improves symptoms associated with vaginal infection, including itching, discharge, and malodor.

By supplementing the vagina directly with plenty of Shan Yu Jun (probiotics), this product promotes the vaginal flora balancethe balance of vaginal flora), establishes a viable and beneficial bacteria barrier, restores the self-cleaning function of the vagina, and achieves the golden standard of female health Degree I of vagina cleanliness (content more than 90% of probiotics ). It can improve the micro ecological environment in the vagina, make the vagina more moist and firm, help the aborted female and the women who have given birth to regulate balance of vaginal flora and restore vaginal firmness, firm vagina, improve the quality of sexual life.

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