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There Are Several Things You Should Do Before Bed To Get A Healthy Night's Sleep
- Jul 11, 2018 -

We have to sleep every day. Sleep is our best rest. People today, after a busy day, want to have a good and healthy sleep when they come home at night. A condition of poor sleep, such as insomnia at night, constant waking from dreams, etc. So what can we do to ensure healthy sleep? Here's the answer.

Drink less water before bed

After 21 o 'clock at night, general organs of the human body has entered the sleep state, drink water more at this time, the gut must start work again to make operation, easy to disrupt the body clock, especially kidney burden heavier, let the swelling. So drink less water before bed, can maintain the rest of the body, ensure after waking up will not appear puffy and fat situation.

2. Brush teeth

Brushing your teeth before bed is more important than brushing in the morning. It can not only remove oral deposits, but also help protect your teeth and help you sleep well.

3. Wash your face with warm water

Some female friends spend the most time on makeup before going out in the morning, so they don't know how much make-up they put on their face. So before sleeping in the evening must notice to use warm water to wash a face, do not because of the day work reason, as soon as the evening comes back to feel too tired, take off the clothes to sleep directly. Keep washing your face before bed to wash away some radioactive particles and dust, and make sure your skin is clean.

Turn off your computer and TV an hour before bed

If we just turn off the computer or TV before going to bed, so we sleep in mind, your thoughts will stay on the computer and TV picture, it is hard to sleep like this, even if sleep will wake up soon. So we should turn off the computer TV an hour before bed, give our brain a rest, filter out the TV and then go to sleep. Take a 10-20 minute walk

Since it's at night, if the conditions permit, you can go out for a walk. It doesn't take long. If conditions do not permit, walk around the living room a few times, which allows blood to circulate to the surface of the body, allowing us to fall asleep quickly. At the same time, when we're in bed, we stop thinking about anything, stop playing on our cell phones, and let ourselves fall asleep easily.

Stretch and lose weight

Stretching before bed is a great way to reduce fatigue throughout the day. Stretch still can let the waist have activities, and keep the spine position correctly, make sure you sleep in the inner loop flow is not affected, make human body trash in the body by the corresponding viscera back out to the body, the body of strong and handsome and thin body.

7. Bubble foot

After a busy day, you'll find that your feet are particularly tired, especially after wearing heels all day. And sleep with warm water bubble feet, the foot and massage, can promote the body's natural operation, fully adjustable and tendons, also can help rid the body moisture, can let you meimei sleep all night.

Drink a glass of milk with honey

According to the research of foreign medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan, which promotes sleep. A glass of milk sweetened with honey one hour before bed can help you sleep. Honey helps balance blood sugar throughout the night to avoid waking up early.

Please leave your cell phone behind

Most female friends have to play with their mobile phones, swipe their micro blogs and check WeChat before going to bed, but they don't know that it will have a great impact on human health. Bedtime aside from your mobile phone, mobile phone battery and the signal is very weak, radiation is very large, at that time had better not contact phone, also don't put the phone on the pillow, had better be put in other location is a distance from you is the most appropriate.

Open the window for air

For the sake of our health of body and mind, we must assure the indoor air circulation, after I get up in the morning, had better open the window ventilated, must remember to shut before he goes to bed at night, watch the night catch cold. Air circulation can help us fall asleep quickly. It is better not to sleep with your head covered

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