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This Empty City Is Not The Empty City.
- Aug 06, 2018 -

In The Three Kingdoms period, knowing sima yi's suspicious character, he used the empty city strategy to delay the arrival of reinforcements and save a city from danger. But the empty city is not the empty city.

In today's society, in the face of disease of department of gynaecology, antibiotic resistance of abroad has been a serious threat to people's lives, huimei benevolence biological products co., LTD. General manager Mr Cui Taixing take the lead in innovative put forward "antibiotics, led by the traditional 'bactericidal anti-inflammatory, beneficial bacteria against bacteria killing is go against nature, led to a shocking human health ecological disaster", sharply pointed out the "antibiotic resistance is the inevitable product of the human body health ecological disaster, and based on this, advances the theory of" empty city ".


Cui taixing used the "empty city theory" to reveal the source of gynecological diseases - antibiotics are the fundamental cause of repeated and upgraded gynecological diseases in women. Traditional antibiotics for the treatment of disease of department of gynaecology product is not the female genital tract into beneficial bacteria guardian "empty city" state, when the female reproductive tract becomes a "empty city", due to the vaginal opening, urethral mouth and anus pathogenic bacteria much more special, will be poured into the vagina, uterus and ovaries, uplink infection wreaking havoc, particularly serious is caused when harmful bacterium rapid invasion of ovarian estrogen secretion disorder which can lead to breast cancer: and when the HPV engraftment in cervix, can cause cervical cancer. So, "this empty city is not the empty city, the pathogen is not afraid of the empty city, they will only drive into the city and destroy the whole city."

In the face of gynecological ecological disaster, we must solve it by ecological means. Mr. Cui taixing, the general manager of huimeiren and the leader of the research and development center, keeps pace with The Times to launch a new type of micro-ecological biologics that can effectively solve the ecological disaster of gynecology.


Good healing fungus product - E bacteria woman self-cleaning adopts "with bacteria for bacteria, natural enemy governance, biological phase grams of risk-averse" micro ecological balance theory, through to the vagina added beneficial bacteria, adjusting the flora balance, successfully established beneficial bacteria protective barrier, restore female vagina self-cleaning function, improve immunity, and quickly achieve the gold standard of women's health - Ⅰ cleanliness, "hold on to the portal, to cut off the source of infection" out of the cycle of repeatedly, source address of department of gynaecology ecological disaster.

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